Sherwood Oakridge  Ropp 031 op 640x480  Arbor House 005  Car and Caravan Tours Begin at the Arbor House Country Inn : Arbor House  grandkids dairy 002  First stop is the Produce Auction (if auction is scheduled that day) : grandkids_dairy 
20111004 Produce Auction 009  On auction day you can see a wide variety of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. : 20111004 Produce Auction  Bus Tour Misc 013  Amish ladies leaving the produce auction with flowers. : Bus Tour Misc  20111004 Produce Auction 056  Amish farmers bring wagon loads of produce to market. : 20111004 Produce Auction  pig wedding 035  Tall green fences along this stretch of Hwy F marks the location of the Edwin Ropp deer farm and horse breeding farm. : pig wedding 
pig wedding 034  Trophy deer are raised and sold to hunting lodges in Texas. : pig wedding  pig wedding 032  Typical one room Amish school house along Hwy F (4 miles East of Jamesport) : pig wedding  saw mill 012  Amish saw mill can be seen 4 miles East of Jamesport along Hwy F. : saw mill  Pony 201206 026  The Graber farm is a tour stop that includes a house and barn tour. : Pony 201206 
Jamesport Tour 20120519 026  Amish laundry room. Washing machine is powered by air motor. No electricity in Amish homes! : Jamesport Tour 20120519  Lucy Tour 027  Graber farm tour includes a visit with Bonnie and Clyde (the Belgian draft horses). : Lucy Tour  Jamesport Tour 20120519 039  Graber farm tour includes a buggy photo opportunity. : Jamesport Tour 20120519  DSCF1444  The tour stops at Shearwood Crossing (Amish furniture, quilts, and craft store). 
DSCF1452  Amish quilts for sale.  Shearwood01  Lots of sewn and quilted goods for sale at Shearwood Crossing.  DSCF1464 (2)  Brautiful Amish made furniture. Custom orders accepted.  Ryan and Michelle 2012 017  Homestead Creamery is along the tour route. They make the best European style artisan cheese. : Ryan and Michelle 2012 
tourists 013  There are 8 girls and 2 sons in the Flory family. The girls run the dairy and make the cheese. : tourists  jam showroom 049  Homestead Creamery milking time. Cows are milked twice daily. Public welcome. : jam showroom  Dairy 014  Flory girls make cheese every Tuesday from 8AM to 1PM. Public welcome to observe through viewing window. : Dairy  martins 021  The tour route passes "Purple Martin Way". Purple Martin birds are raised, banded, and migratory patterns tracked. : martins 
DSCF1486  Country Acres store, ice cream shop, and seasonal greenhouse is along the tour path.  acres 002  Country Acres Tiki Hut has the best soft serve ice cream. A must stop in the summer. Closed Thursdays and Sunday! : acres  May Days 2012 044  Most popular tour stop for shopping. : May Days 2012  Stagecoach tour bus 027 - Copy  Some folks mshop on the tour, others just sit and relax. : Stagecoach tour bus 
Web Photos 043  Bus tours are a regular sight at H&M Country Store. : Web Photos  Melon Harvest 013  Everyone shops at H&M   ....  big and small alike! : Melon Harvest  Stagecoach tour bus 025  Candy by the ton at H&M. : Stagecoach tour bus  DSCF1492 - Copy  H&M has a huge stock of spices. 
Ryan and Michelle 2012 028  Countryside Bakery is my personal favorite tour stop. The fried pies are to die for! : Ryan and Michelle 2012  Ryan and Michelle 2012 027  Amish ladies on a busy day at the bakery. : Ryan and Michelle 2012  Ropp 029  Home made jams, jellies, noodles, and pie fillings for sale.  Ryan and Michelle 2012 026  Inside the Countryside Bakery. Just South of Jamesport along Hwy 190. : Ryan and Michelle 2012 
Lucy Tour 001  Clear Creek Produce Stand. Yutzy family farm. Optional tour stop. : Lucy Tour  May Days 2012 056  Graber Greenhouse on Hwy 6, just west of Jamesport. Optional tour stop. : May Days 2012  DSCF2641  The tour leaves Jamesport heading East on State Highway F  20111004 Produce Auction 002  Early Spring at the produce auction is colorful! : 20111004 Produce Auction 
Amish Tour Promo  Jamesport